Why text when you can use science?

Stuck with a Boy Genius is the ninth episode in season 2 of Stuck in the Middle and the 26th episode overall. It aired on April 28, 2017 to 1.17 million viewers.


Harley, Rachel, Georgie and Ethan attend their school spring formal dance, while Lewie and Beast camp out at home in the backyard.[1]


Marshport High School spring formal dance is coming up. Rachel will be taking some random cute boy and calling him "Blake." Georgie will be going with Wyatt. Ethan will be the DJ. And Harley is not planning on going because she is not interested in any boy. While Rachel and Georgie are trying to convince Harley to take someone, Harley gets a funny text from her internet friend, Josh. Josh is smart like Harley and even though they've never met in person, they have chemistry. So, Harley's sisters convince her to take Josh to the dance.

To everyone's shock, Josh turns out to be a nine year old boy. He is a freshman because he skipped some classes since he's very smart. Harley feels embarrassed but doesn't want to disappoint Josh. At first, Lewie and Beast mistake Josh for their playdate. At the dance, the other kids start making fun of Harley for bringing a nine year old. Harley spends most of the time avoiding Josh. Josh understands that he's not what Harley expected. He sits down and starts messing with other students by tricking them with a moving 20-dollar bill. Harley is impressed by Josh's skills and they start bonding over messing with people. Meanwhile, Wyatt keeps mistaking other girls for Georgie because he broke his glasses.

In order to humiliate Harley, the students nominate her and Josh as the dance queen and king. Harley decides to stand up for Josh by setting up a projector for their king and queen dance and standing in a way that it would make Josh look even taller than Harley. At the end of the day, it turns out to be so much fun if she doesn't care what other people think.

While the older kids are at the dance, Lewie and Beast want to camp outside but their parents don't want them to. So, Tom and Suzy send in Daphne to making the camping experience a nightmare for the twins. It backfires when Daphne ends up bonding with the boys.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Adam Hochstetter as Wyatt

Guest Cast

  • Caleb Brown as Josh
  • Robbie Davidson as Jimmy (Blake)

International Premieres

  • June 13, 2017 (Israel)
  • June 29, 2017 (Hungary)
  • September 28, 2017 (Spain)



  • Harley and Josh attend the formal, a guy Harley barely knows.
  • Josh answered Harely's text through mail, using the Periodic Table.
  • Georgie and Wyatt officially became a couple.
  • Lewie and Beast camp out at home in the backyard with Daphne.
  • When Josh showed up, Harley was surprised, as he was only nine and a half.
  • Ethan was deejaying at the dance.
  • Josh is an inventor.
  • Harley and Josh was voted for the Spotlight Dance.
  • Harley and Josh were the Spring Finale King and Queen.
  • Guest star Caleb Brown had previously been cast as "Patrick" in the Bizaardvark episode "Dr. Wong Doesn't Have Time For Your Sense of Humor" which was filmed for the show's first season but it never aired.  His scenes were eventually incorporated into the second season episode "Hawkward."
  • Harley is embarrassed at her first high school formal, finding out that Josh is actually nine and a half years old but skipped a few grades and is now in high school.


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