I present my latest invention - the Grocer-Whee! As in you "whee!", not pee your pants. Though with the speed of this baby, you might do both!

Stuck with a Bad Influence is the tenth episode in season 2 of Stuck in the Middle and the 27th episode overall. It first aired on June 2, 2017 to 1.31 million viewers.


Harley tries to save Ellie from boarding school.


Harley invents the "Grocer-Whee!" - a high-speed grocery shopping cart. She just needs someone to test it. Daphne, Lewie and Beast refuse to test it unless she starts paying them. So, she turns to her best friend, Ellie Peters. But Ellie is afraid of everything, thanks to her overprotective mother, Bethany. Harley promises to help Ellie get out of her comfort zone by trying other less scary things first. When ready, Ellie offers to drive Harley in the Grocer-Whee! Unfortunately, she loses control and knocks down Bethany's mail box.

Ellie and Harley don't think it's a big deal until Bethany tells Ellie that she's moving her to a boarding school. The girls conclude that Bethany thinks Harley is a bad influence on Ellie. To save Ellie, they agree to fake a fight in front of Bethany because if Ellie is not hanging out with Harley, then Bethany might let her stay. The girls come up with a drama script and even agree to pay, Daphne, Beast and Lewie by giving them lines to make the fight seem more real. When Bethany comes over to the Diaz house, the girls put up the fake fight.

Bethany returns later and tells Harley that she knows the fight was fake, although she realizes that Ellie does not want to attend boarding school, and she has cancelled her enrollment. She also tells Harley that she is not the villain, and just wants what's best for Ellie. Her sending Ellie to the boarding school had nothing to do with Harley or the incident with the mail box. She had been considering the school for a while, and there had recently been an opening for enrollment. Afterwards, Harley looks up the school, and it's nothing like the reform school she had imagined. Harley, realizes that it would be perfect for Ellie, and even though she wants her friend around, she shouldn't stand in front of such a big opportunity.

Harley agrees to let Ellie go. They throw her a big go-away party.

Meanwhile, Rachel wants to join Ethan's film club so that she can come home late without being punished for breaking curfew. Ethan doesn't want to be an accomplice at first but agrees when Rachel promises to bring cute girls that Ethan has a crush on. So, they start hanging out together at their dad's store after close so that they can throw parties and lie that it was a film club activity.

Tom and Suzy become suspicious of Rachel and Ethan's unexpected friendship. After confirming their suspicions, they agree to wait it out to see how far Ethan and Rachel will go. So, the next day, the parents offer to stick behind for the film, forcing Rachel and Ethan to struggle the last minute to find people to pretend they're in the film club. When Rachel is unable to introduce the film, she gives up and comes out clean. They're both punished.


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  • Ellie got sent to boarding school in this episode.
  • Harley and Ellie staged a fake fight.
  • Out of the cast, Georgie was the only one missing for this episode.
  • Lewie and Beast were shown working with Daphne in this episode.

International Premieres

  • June 20, 2017 (Israel)
  • June 30, 2017 (Hungary)
  • September 9, 2017 (Latin America)
  • October 9, 2017 (Spain)
  • Drums Feet
  • Sandie Blues Clues Feet MMCF


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