Play time is over, Harley. We gave you a chance but you spit in our face. We really wanted you to be a good babysitter, but you went the other way.

Stuck in the Babysitting Nightmare is the nineteenth episode in season 2 of Stuck in the Middle and the 36th episode overall. It first aired on October 20, 2017 to 1.27 million viewers.[1]


Harley tries to prove her babysitting skills by watching Beast, Lewie and Daphne on her own.[2]


Harley wants to make extra cash by babysitting but her parents don't think she is ready. Since Tom and Suzy have been invited to a neighborhood gathering by Bethany, Harley offers to babysit Daphne, Lewie and Beast to prove that she can handle babysitting. Her parents want Rachel to babysit the littles instead but Rachel wants to go to a party that her parents don't want her to go because they think it's unsafe. Georgie and Ethan offer to go with Rachel as part of a buddy system to ensure she's safe. So, Rachel is allowed to go and Harley is left with the kids.

The littles are excited to have Harley babysitting because she usually plays with them or lets them do whatever they want. However, since this is Harley's trial run, she can't let anything go wrong. So, she imposes strict rules on them and refuses to let them have any fun. Left with no choice, Daphne, Lewie and Beast turn against Harley and make her babysitting experience a nightmare. They cause a lot of destruction in the house as well as the swing set in their front yard. Harley is devastated.

Rachel, Georgie and Ethan's trip to the party turns into a disaster when a misunderstanding causes Rachel to turn the car the wrong direction, hitting the curb and blowing out a tire. Ethan offers to change the tire but ends up accidentally losing two screws into a sewer. When he tries to get the screws back, he ends up getting stuck in the sewer entrance. Georgie goes to look for cell service in order to get in touch with fire department to help tow their car. By the time assistance comes, it's already too late for the party. Rachel and her siblings are dropped back home by the firemen.

Meanwhile, Tom and Suzy are excited about their first invite to a neighborhood gathering. Unfortunately, the meeting turns out to be about the Diazes, listing all the bad things done by the Diaz kids. When they can't take it anymore, they return home only to see the damage caused by the littles on Harley's watch - and Rachel's car getting towed.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Greg Rogstad as Oscar


  • The swingset destroyed in this episode is finally fixed in Stuck with Rachel's Secret as part of Rachel's remaining tasks.
  • Harley's MagnaWow that destroys the swing set in this episode is brought to their spring break trip in Stuck in Spring Break.
  • Ms. Peters and the other neighbors holding meetings to discuss the Diazes bad behaviors was also mentioned in Stuck in the Middle.


  • There was one scene in the cold opening before the theme song which might have spoiled what will happen in the episode when Harley said "I had no idea this was coming".
  • Lewie, Beast, and Daphne broke the swing set twice. First after using the MagnaWow which one bolt came off. Then, when they and Harley rebuilt the swing set after trying to fix it.

International Premieres

  • December 2, 2017 (Hungary)
  • January 3, 2018 (Israel)


Stop! Stop abusing science!
Eat fruit, Harley
You know that moment in an action movie when it suddenly dawns on the hero she's been double-crossed? Yeah, that's now!
—Harley to camera


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