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Stuck in Harley's Quinceañera is the series finale of Stuck in the Middle. It is the twentieth episode in Season 3 and the fifty-seventh overall. It will premiere on July 23, 2018.


It's quince day! Harley enlists the help of the Littles to tackle what's left of her Buck-Kid List before she becomes an official adult.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Cast

  • Kristin Dattilo as Sales Lady


  • This episode airs as part of the 2018 Disney Channel GO! Summer promotion.
  • This is the series finale.
  • This is the second episode devoted to Harley's birthday and the fourth episode to revolve a Diaz birthday.
  • This is the second episode to depict a Diaz Quinceañera. 
  • This episode was foreshadowed in Stuck in Camp Chaos
  • Aidan returns in this episode.
  • Ellie returns, as she was so excited for Harley's Quinceanera in her last appearance, to know as much as how many days there were until it.
  • Rachel will return in this episode.
  • The whole cast will sing happy birthday at the end.


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