Stuck Dancing with My Dad is the twelfth episode in season 2 of Stuck in the Middle. and the 29th overall. It aired on June 16, 2017.


When Harley learns business magnate, Troy Havana, will compete on "Dancing with my Dad," she schemes to have her own dad and Daphne also appear on the program to get a chance to show off her latest invention. However, Troy offers Harley a deal which tests her financial ambition against her family loyalty.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Laird Macintosh as Troy Havana [1]

Absent Cast


  • Rachel mentions her love of the program  "Dancing with my Dad," which was established in Stuck in Harley's Comet.
  • Harley accidently used her vacuum and took a little kids car.
  • The only reason why Tom did the show was because a football player was on the show.
  • Georgie and Susie aren't in this episode because they are at a basketball tournament.
  • Harley had to replace Daphne when she twisted her ankle.
  • Jerry rice won dancing with my dad with his daughter.
  • Harley chose her family over money.
  • In this episode, the family is seen on their favorite tv show.


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