Aidan Peters is a recurring character in Stuck in the Middle. He is Ellie's cousin, who moves into the Peters' house while his father is in Japan. Aidan and Harley will develop a complicated relationship. He is portrayed by Joshua Bassett.



  • He is living with his aunt Bethany because his father has been sent to Japan.
  • He is an avid and accomplished Lacrosse player.
  • He bribed his Lacrosse team with pizza to move the fence overnight.
  • He enjoys lemon bars and pancakes.
  • He has a habit of drumming on things.
  • He lived in Italy for a year.
  • He believes he makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich.
  • He read the morning announcements at his former school.
  • He is a fan of pro wrestling.
  • He is good at science.
  • Technically, Aidan and Ethan are enemies, (as Ethan placed him on the "Dead to Diaz" list) but they have barely interacted.


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